After the successful launch of battery-powered electric boats, Kochi has now become the first water metro project city in India. The new project initiates an advanced water transport system targeted by the Kochi Metro Rail Ltd under 15 identified routes.

Knowingly there are over 23 battery-powered electric boats being manufactured by Cochin Shipyard Limited. Well, these boats will be known as Water Metros, which are a part of the Water Metro Project launched by the Kochi Water Metro Ltd (KWML). 

Linked with 10 islands, the network covers a route of around 76 km with a fleet of 78 fast. And, electric hybrid ferries which are plying to 38 jetties in this water city.

Moreover, the ultimate agenda behind the project is to introduce the latest, energy-efficient, yet environment-friendly, technology to empower the water capacity of the state.

Highlights of Water Metro Project in Kochi

Talking about the boats, these are the well-equipped, and infrastructure boats offering comfort, ad ease with some eye-soothing views from the windows. 

Consuming one of the latest battery technologies (Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) Batteries), these boats acquire fast chargeable qualities which enhance their work performance. 

It takes a minimum of 10-20 minutes to charge before boarding for the tour. Built at the premises of Cochin Shipyard (CSL), this boat is further a fully air-conditioned area with comfortable seating. The boat runs at 10-knot speed, which is equal to 18km/h. 

Well, wait! There’s more! 

If the battery fails, the boat gives a generator backup to have an uninterrupted ride of the premises. Yet, Kochi Metro Rail has planned to function only 23 boats. The best part is each boat acquires a capacity to carry 100 passengers maximumly. 

As per the data, this project is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), in which the Kerala Government will be providing INR 102 crore and INR 72 crore of land acquisition. 

Interestingly, it is observed that one lakh plus islanders will be profited by the launch of this water project, giving power to the transport system of Kochi. 

Otherwise, a focus on developing tourism via an enhancement in the water transport has been made to enrich the culture of the city. 

Furthermore, these boats not only indulge in the water project but also urge travel and tourism for the passengers. 

Another very enticing part about the boats is they are expected to help in reducing pollution in the city and giving ease to industries, to set up themselves agreeably. 

This project acquires a total of Rs 819 crore budget, aiming at several environmental, and industrial issues of the area. 

Additionally, a sequel part is financed under Indo-German Financial Cooperation with a long-term loan agreement of EUR 85 million (Rs 579 crore) with the German funding agency. 

In comparison to the ferries, the average trip of 11.3 km, whereas, on the other side, ferries cover a maximum of 8.9 km commuting between the islands and the mainland. 

Moreover, the project is one of the top-notch water projects in India, started with great dreams, and a vision to redress the social problem, influencing the tourism sector.