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Meet Tesla Ashok Elluswamy, the first employee from India to be hired in one of the top-notch companies, named Tesla. The Chief founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, recruited youths for his company with the help of social media. 

Elon Musk announced, “Ashok was the first person recruited from my tweet saying that Tesla is starting an Autopilot team!” in his tweet while replying to a post. He also added that Ashok is the head of the Tesla Autopilot engineering team in Tesla.

Besides, Elluswamy is also armed with other responsibilities like developing a sharp geometric and semantic understanding of the world using the best of both machine-learned and engineered models. Otherwise, building a robust, and predictive model in both geometry and semantic states spaces.


Meet the First Employee of the Tesla Autopilot Team from India

With Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Ashok Elluswamy completed his first degree from the College of Engineering Guindy, Chennai. Also, he has achieved a Master’s degree in Robotics System Development from Carnegie Mellon University.

After the selection, Ashok got huge appreciation from his teachers at Carnegie Mellon University. John Dolar, Ashok’s teacher wrote, “he was one of the top students and showed initiative in learning a wide variety of topics.”

Knowingly, before being a part of Tesla, Mr. Elluswamy worked in Volkswagen Electronic Research Lab. He was the first Indian employee hired in Tesla Electric in the year 2015. Musk has always been a social media recruiter for his self-owned company Tesla. 

Using one of the top-notch social media platforms, Twitter, he has filled several vacancies in his company for years. Currently, Mr. Musk has tweeted that Tesla is in search of hardcore Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers for his team. 

To get selected, they should possess a keen knowledge about solving problems and queries. Moreover, in his tweet, he also added a CTA to directly connect with the team, by sending the asked information in the form. 

It is simple by filling the application form, with the required fields like name, email, exceptional work done in software, hardware, or AI. Moreover, if you have any experience, then you can attach your updated resume to the application form.

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In Elon Musk news interview, he talked about Tesla’s autopilot team, where Elluswamy’s name popped out of a conversation suddenly. Simultaneously Musk also quoted that Ashok Elluswamy is the head of the autopilot engineering team at Tesla.

Elon Musk Tesla also added that “Andrej is director of AI; People often give me too much credit and give Andrej too much credit. The Tesla Autopilot AI team is extremely talented. Some of the smartest people in the world.” Also, he quoted, “There is no need even to have a college degree at all, or even high school,” during an interview with the German automotive publication.

Moreover, we congratulate Ashok Elluswamy, and others to become a part of one of the top-notch companies around the globe.

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